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Default Not possible to use a Eucon workstation as Slave OR Master anymore ?

I've just upgraded (very late) to the newer versions of EuControl (now called "EUCON Workstation Unified".
Now I've noticed that - unlike before - it's not possible anymore to install the "normal EuControl" AND the workstation (=slave) version on the same machine.
The thing is, that I use two macs, but in two different system configurations from time to time.

In configuration a) I only use machine A - which then needs to control my Artist Mix units

But in configuration b) I use the same machine A as a "second workstation" controlled via EuControl on machine B.

Working with EuControl 3.3.2 til now, I was able to first install the workstation software on machine A, then adding an install of "normal" EuControl - which enabled me to use machine A both ways - either as standalone workstation (EuControl active) or as slave workstation (EuControl inactive, but active on machine B).

Ok...I know that's hard to follow....stay with me ....;-)

But now with the unified software the installer forces me to choose between installing EuControl OR workstation - and automatically uninstalls the other option....

Any clue to that ? Is there any way I can still use both configurations without re-installing everytime ?
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