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Exclamation IMPORTANT-NOTE ON 8.0.3cs1 Update!


The Pro Tools 8.0.3cs1 update DOES fix the problem with Embedded Guitar Settings, saving Rigs to the Computer, etc...

HOWEVER, any Settings you embedded with 8.0.3 (w/o cs1) will never be recoverable. The bug was actually in the Embedding process itself (due to some Sysex changes I won't go into here), so there's no way to recover that data as it was 'bad' in the first place.

Any Settings you Embedded in PT 8.0.1, or that you embed from now on with 8.0.3cs1, should work just fine.

I have requested that we add the ability to strip the Settings out of an audio file, or to manually add them to the file, replace them, whatever. I think there's a good chance we can make this happen, but it would be later this year, since we have to tie such things to a Pro Tools release.
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