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Default Sample / Bit Rate Conversion ?

Just wanted to get an idea for the smartest / easiest way to convert some sessions from 44.1 / 24 to 48 / 24. I created a template @ 44.1 / 24 quite awhile ago, and have been using that for all new sessions. I started to do some scratch tracks for about 5 songs (5 different sessions) w/ the 44.1 / 24 bit template, and before I start to record the drums, etc..I want to bump everything up to 48 / 24. Would it be easiest to just bounce the individual tracks in each session (there's about 4 scratch tracks per session), and convert to 48 in the process?, OR another option I was thinking of is to use, "import track". Will that allow me to convert as I'm importing? I figure I'd post this, so when I'm back in front of my PT computer I'd have a little more assurance as to what direction to go with. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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