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Default Mbox mini 3rd gen unable to monitor playback after phantom is activated?

My mbox has worked fine since i got it several months ago, this is very sudden change to the way it usually operates.

Today I activate phantom power on the mbox and now I can't monitor playback, of anything, including youtube, itunes, PT tracks etc. I've tried switching between headphones and speakers.

If I pull out the Mbox usb and reinsert it, playback will work again through the mbox, until I press in the phantom power button.

I reinstalled the last driver for version 1.3.4 released last October. (The new one is not compatible with my operating system). I did even turn the computer off and on again.

Would anyone have any ideas for me?

Any advice much appreciated! Thank you


OSX 10.9.5
MBOX Mini 3rd Gen
Pro Tools 11.3.1
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