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Default Re: Need Help Comparing Processor Speeds on Older MacBOok Pros

If staying on PT 12.5 is imperative, suggest you research compatibility and system requirements specific to PT 12.5 at Avid and find the best/latest used Mac you can afford that will run 12.5

Staying with what works can be great.

Running the same same Mid-2012 MBP 2.3 Ghz MBP here, now under Mojave and PT 2019. Extra 8G Ram for a total of 16 - not Apple approved.

The 2.3 is NOT an approved processor for any PT version but has been productive here for 8 years through various versions and OS.

But it does hit the CPU ceiling more often than it used to, and it's generally less stable with later PT versions. It'd likely work better under PT 12.5.

Insight-wise, do consider Apple's new M1 processor it's an enormous leap in power vs. heat - game changing with a great price point. You'd most likely have to upgrade PT though.

There are some stunning results on YT while running Logic. Pro Tools is not yet approved on M1 machines, but when it is, it will offer much more processing headroom with Apple's low power, lower priced M1 chip. It might be time to upgrade if you can.
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