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Default "Not valid 64 bit AAX Plug-In" error

I suddenly keep getting this error with a list of plugins that are licensed and updated. happened out of no where. trashed prefs, reinstalled PT, all the usual things.

on Sierra with PT ultimate 2019.6, maxed out MBP. Everything was fine last week and I didn't install anything new, so I'm not sure what's going on. Oddly these flagged plugins will load fine natively as .vst's in Ableton, but they give a similar "not valid 64 bit plugin" error when loading the same .vst using bluecat patchwork in PT (and also loading in Bluecat Standalone)

Any ideas on what I can do? I've tried to reinstall most of them with no luck. Specifically that new Clearmountain's Domain and ELI Arouser are on the list, both are new, licensed, and fully up to date. (the actual list of plugs was about 10, but these two should be running 100% fine)

all hints appreciated. thanks!
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