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Default Re: Noobie need help - Recording with Kore Player

While The Dougfather is right about the two not technically being compatible, this should not cause the problems that you have.

I use Kore Player right now in PT. There are occasional clicks and pops, but it works to some degree. I'll address your problems as best I can.

1.) Make sure you have your inputs set correctly. If you have the same inputs for all of those tracks, then the green sound monitor will show sound. Are the other tracks MIDI or audio tracks?

2.) Kore Player is a virtual instrument, and therefore records to MIDI. If you want live audio before your bounce, you have to bus your Kore Player track to another track and record. To do this, record your track in Kore Player first, which will be all MIDI notes. Then, choose Bus 1-2 for the outputs of the Kore Player track. Create a new Audio track. Set the input of that track for Bus 1-2. Arm for recording on this new track, hit the master arm for record button at the top, and start recording.

3.) This is where the compatibility issues come in. Go to playback engine in the Setup Menu. Under CPU usage, there should be a checkbox that says something like "ignore playback errors while using RTAS", make sure this is checked. Now, instead of freezing, there will be some minor clicks and pops. This is still irritating, but at least your session won't crash. It may take a couple of runs to get a clean take, with minimal or sometimes no errors.

Hope this helps, post back with any questions!
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