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Default Re: Computer for HD Native and HD12?

Originally Posted by jjsoundoc View Post
Before ordering the pcie card and software, I wanted to check that the computer that I have has enough horsepower.
Now have '09 MacPro 4.1, Quad-Core 2.66.
I work in post, typically 40-50 source tracks.
I could upgrade processor to 6-core 3.46ghz that upgrades 4.1>5.1.
I could also buy a ready to go Hackintosh 12 core.
Any advice appreciated.
As long as you're not tracking VO or ADR you should be fine....and yes as much ram as you can afford. I do a lot of voice over work so ended up having to go HDX. Way too many CPU spikes at lower buffers for low latency.....even while running just Avid plugs and only a few tracks and aux's. I couldn't take it anymore and I have a MP 5,1 12 core machine.
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