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Default Re: problem whit artist control

Let me see if I understand...Your EuControl works only when is connected to the computer but not the the router? If that is the problem you may have to change the IP address of the control to DHCP. To do that press and hold the "TWO PAGE" buttons at the same time and hold the power button. When it turned on you will see a block that says "Use DHCP (Obtain IP Address automatically). If the block is unchecked please click on it and click on the OK button and turn on the control and re-start the computer. If the box if already checked then you will have to check the network card in your computer. Let me know and I will give you the steps for your network card.

I have kind of the same problem before but the control wasnt working when it was connected to the computer, your case is the other way around.

Good luck
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