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Default Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue

Thank you for your reply and advices.. Unfortunately it doesn't change anything to do that.

If I mentioned that the plugins work well on Ableton, it is simply because when I patch their VST version to Pro Tools (using Blue Cat's Patch Work), it is still not working while that same VST perfectly work on other DAWs.
I used to patch VSTs on PT with no issue.

Once more Grainspace use to work in AAX 64 and also in VST (on Ableton and Pro Tools)

and now I get that error "The following plug-ins failed to load because they are not valid 64 bit AAX plug-ins" when Pro Tools scans the plugs.. and I get the error "plugin missing" when i try to use them on VST with the Blue Cat's Patch Work tool.

It indicates that the problem comes from something else than the actual plugins. Maybe a directory to erase, a preference to erase...? I don't know. it's a very strange error.

Thanks for your help

Anyone else had that issue? thank you
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