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Default Re: Please help - AAE error -7054 - AAX 64 issue

This error is always (99.9999%) about the plugin.
If a plugin works in Ableton (or other DAW) it doesn't really matter since none of them use AAX format plugins while Pro Tools only uses AAX format.

Go into your Pro Tools plugin directory and delete (first!) any GrainSpace plugin files.
Then open Pro Tools (it will scan plugin changes to that directory and remove any GrainSpace info it had collected previously)
Then close Pro Tools
Then run the Grainspace installer.
Then open Pro Tools again (it will now take another scan of the plugin directory, hopefully find your newly installed plugin, and then add the info it just scanned to its plugin info cache.)

Load a blank session. Insert Grainspace and make sure it still shows licensed.

If you still have problems, contact Audiority.
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