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Default Could anyone help me fix this - AAX 64 issue - Multiple errors


I am checking all the topics here about the error -7054 but I didn't find any answer.
I am using Pro Tools 12.3.1
Everything was working fine for years... Today I got the Error -7054.. all the sudden and for unknown reason

It happens when I try to load certain plugins. The plug ins work fine on other DAW such as Ableton Live but they are no longer recognised correctly by Pro Tools..

I am using mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6 (works fine for all my other softwares)
I removed some prefs and caches too, I repaired the permissions and ran a bunch of cleaning actions but the problem is still there.

I don't use any external drive to run pro tools and my plugins.
Looks like it's related to the AAX 64 format but I don't get it since it was working perfectly fine until now and the plugins I use have AAX 64 format..
I don't want to re-install pro tools, upgrade (can't afford it right now..) nor change too many things in it. It would be a mess in my setup.. My system is complex and I was happy with it until now, so it would be best to avoid a complete re-install. Also I don't think it comes from the Pro Tools install.

I also tried to reinstall one missing plugin but it didn't change anything. "GrainSpace" by Audiority that should work fine in AAX 64. I bought it in January and it was working very well. After re-install it works perfectly on Ableton but it still recognise as a "non 64 plugin" by Pro Tools. When I try to patch it with BlueCat Patchwork to run it with a VST, it's not working either on PT.

Do you have any idea how to fix the issue.. ?

I attached a few screen shots to show you the messages i get.

Thank you for your help
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