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Default Re: Stuck with dead/demo-mode Kontakt 5.5 databases. Can the DUC help where N.I won't

Originally Posted by Marsdy View Post

I don’t know I’m afraid.

A couple of long shots:
1. Have you run Kontakt stand-alone and tried adding libraries there?
2. I’m surprised Native Access works but maybe try reinstalling a (small) library from there? (On the Installed products window, click on “Full Version” in the rightmost column.)
3. Ask on the Native Instruments user forums if you haven’t already. It’s often a better bet than NI support!

EDIT: Your third screenshot just appeared. It looks wrong that the serial number doesn’t show up! I wonder what would happen if you added the serial number for a product in Native Access? Maybe try a library you don’t like/use first.

1). yes I have, & if I run the standalone Kontakt 5.5.x I have the exact same problem, if I run the standalone 5.6.x Kontakt the libraries all load fine .

The issue is that Kontakt 5.6.AAX plugin is 64bit, & thus apparently won't run in PT10HD

2) Native access is version 1.1.3 which runs on Mavericks.


3) I'll try their forums next. I found this thread on GS last night. Looks like their are many other dissatisfied customers.

4) Yeah I removed the serial number from the screen grab ! It shows up in all it’s glory though in real life, saying 'Fully Authorised'..ffs
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