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Default Cannot change sampling rate in ProTools First

I have used PT10 for some time in VO work, no issues changing sampling and bit rate.

However, just downloaded ProTools first, and found it seems to be stuck on the default sampling rate of 48K 24 bit. Every time I try and change it to 96K in playback engine, it reverts back to 48K within seconds. I have tried all the obvious things, such as making the change, before opening a new track, logging out, and back in again, but it reverts every time. Is ProTools First fixed at 48K 24 bit? I thought it could be used at 96K, but maybe wrong?
I am running MAC Catalina, 10.15.7 with an SSL 2 interface. I have tried other software (and can record in 96K and higher without problems), so it's not an issue with my MAC settings or the interface, or cables.
Any advice appreciated. Thanks
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