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Default Soft Keys No Longer Execute Keystrokes

EDIT: I've found the Eucon commands for moving edit selections, but now when I program the below example as a soft key shortcut (e.g., moving selection up, muting the clip selected after moving up, then moving selection down), it only mutes the clip that was initially selected before initiating the soft key shortcut and completely ignores the command to move up. I had upwards of 20 soft keys programmed, and now only parts of these work. If I'm missing something please do point it out (EUCON is enabled in the Prefs).

After I upgraded EuControl to 19.5 my soft key shortcuts don't work, specifically my keystrokes, but functions that I programmed as EUCON commands still work fine.

Ctrl-P (Move edit selection up) => Cmnd-M (Mute selection) => Ctrl-; (Move edit selection down)

That sequence no longer works. I can use the EUCON command of Mute Clip as a replacement for the Cmnd-M keystroke, but I see no EUCON command for moving edit selection, so the other shortcuts never get done.

I can't go back to 18.3 because I also updated the PT Control app on my iPad, and conveniently the app no longer works with 18.3. I understand that doing the physical keyboard shortcuts still work fine, but I created that shortcut (amongst others that no longer work) so that I only have to press one button to have that entire sequence happen instantaneously. Please help!!

Mac Pro 6,1, OSX 10.14.4 Mojave
PT 2018.12
EuControl 19.5
Avid Artist Mix

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