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Default Memory Location Marker Does NOT Update After Edit Cuts

After I Edit Cut/Trim a time selection in a session (i.e., Cutting/removing a verse early in a session, etc,), the Memory Location Markers do NOT update their actual new time locations – the time does not shift downward to follow the new shorter length of the session – I have to go back and move all Markers manually.

Song Structure: Verse 1 (Vocal), Verse 2 (Vocal), Verse 3 (Lead Guitar), Turnaround (End)
Session (Song) length: 4:30 min
Lead Guitar Marker set at: 3:00 min

Cut/Removed the 2nd Verse between 2:00 – 3:00 min
Session (Song) length AFTER Cut: 3:30 min
Lead Guitar Marker STILL shows: 3:00 min, DID NOT UPDATE to new actual location at 2:00 min

It appears that the Markers are ONLY hard pinned to the actual time location when the Marker was created but I need them to “UPDATE” after I add/remove time to the middle of a session.

All Markers AFTER the Edit Cut section should auto-update – shift down in time to match the shorter session (song). How do I get this to work? Thank you for your assistance.
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