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Buy a new Powermac G4 with the SUPERDRIVE built in. It's a CD-RW/DVD-R drive, that allows you to burn DVD-Rs that play in regular DVD players. It's the only one of it's kind right now... Apple also makes software now, called iDVD, which is very similar to iMovie in ease and simplicity. It'll do all the encoding and burning for you... Great software. They also have DVD Studio Pro which is about a grand, and is the pro authoring software. You'll be able to take surround mixes and encode them to Dolby Digital, create motion menus.... all kinds of stuff... but iDVD is free, and comes with the Mac...

this particular mac isn't shipping yet, but suppposedly end of the month or beginning of next month. we'll see

I just want to know, is there any software that will adhere to the DVD Audio spec? I'd like to encode some uncompressed 24bit 96K surround stuff!
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