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Default PT 10 works with eleven rack but not mbox 3 anymore

I have an eleven rack and mbox 3 w/PT 10.

I've been using them fine...alternating them depending on my recording needs.

recently, my PT is unable to find hardware when the mbox 3 is plugged in. I deleted drivers and reinstalled, switch usb ports, used diff cables and nothing. it's always worked. my dev mngr identifies the mbox 3. you can even use the mbox to audio outside of PT.

when I use the eleven rack, everything works perfect. I tried to change hardware to mbox when PT is up thru 11rack but it doesn't identify it.

it doesn't work anymore. the only thing I've changed recently a few weeks ago is I updated to IE 10. but that was last month and PT was recently.

holding N doesn't do anything either. help.
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