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Default PTHD 9 VS PTHD 10 Question

Hello All,

I had a nice PTHD 9 setup years back... Control 24, Magma, etc..

I am, going to start a project of building out the system again, and I know that everything I have will work as high as PTHD10.

My question is this... I was running PT HD9, if I decide to go for PTHD 10, what are the plugin advantages. If I remember correct, they switched over to AAX with 10. How long did the AAX plugs work with PT10 before they became obsolete? Could I get a plugin that was a few years newer by going with 10? I was using a few of the Waves bundles with the older PT9 setup.

Thanks and I hope all is well with everyone.
PT HD 9.0.6
Control 24
Magma PE6R4-I
Waves V8 Mercury
OS X 10.6.8
2x2.66 GHZ Dual
96 I/O
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