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Default Re: Sample Rate Conversion

Originally posted by Severe:
I read a recent thread that stated when dithering, with say an L1 in a session that was set at 24 bit at 41.1khz, there is no need to convert after bounce when going to cd. Now I think I understand, but my question is if I have converted at 'tweakhead', is it gonna affect my master?
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Some points assuming your sessions are 24-bit:

1) The L1 must be set to 16 bits if you're going to print it to CD.

2) Tweakhead ( and the others "better" etc) ONLY affects Samplerateconversion.

3) If you choose 16 bit in the bouncewindow and not having a dither-plug on your masterfader your mix will NOT get dithered. It'll be truncated.

4) The different bit-depth options that you have in the bouncewindow is ONLY for deciding the fileformat so the computer will create (convert) a file in this format. This conversion has nothing to do with the conversion settings "tweakhead" etc, i.e it doesn't matter for the sound quiality which setting you have as long as you're not doing SRC (see point 2).

Good luck!

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