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Default Q about mobile recording and Core 2 Quad?

As you can see in my signature, my system is quite old. A Digi001 hanging on a P4 3.06GHz machine.

For me it works ok, but what I want is mobility and many Inputs (for drum recordings for excample).

So my possibilities for the sound side are:

---M-Audio FW 1814


What would you prefer? IMHO Digi´s interface is too big for mobility but it may have better converters, right?
LE is included with its IF, MP not...

Or should I use my Digi001 for drum trackíng and after that, for Bass Guit Vox-tracking, should i take another, smaller Interface with better sound and lower price and less inputs (at least 4)...???
next thing - i threw an eye on a Macbook. I´m a PC user, in work PT runs on a Mac, so i know AND like "the other side" also.
And now I come back to my subject: should i wait for Macbooks with Core 2 Quad´s (whether they come or not)?

Thanks in advance!
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