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Default problem bouncing to disk in AIFF format

Hi everyone!

newbie here!, here's the problem. I'm bouncing to disk a song I finished to AIFF format,(in pro-tools LE 7.0) after I have burned it to a cd-r this file won't be played on my stereo? and when I put it in a pc (have both Mac and PC) it doesn't show the file as a AUDIO file, and it will only be able to play as a windows audio file through windows media player. one strange little detail I notice is that when you have a AIFF file it should look like (in detail,symbol) a little white square with a cd pic on the background and a green sixteen note on front(Mac users will know what I mean,hopefully...) but instead,when I bounce to disk in AIFF format, the symbol is the wavecache symbol, you know the audio files in pro-tools symbol, the white square,black background and 3 audio signals on it. I have no problem bouncing as a wave file,but I want to bounce the songs into AIFF 'cause I want to have a audio cd that will play in a stereo,cd player etc. what's going on? or what am I doing wrong?? please anyone help
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