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Default Re: Can't seem to open "cloud project" created with Pro Tools First with Pro Tools

Originally Posted by junkgear View Post
It's possible that something didn't sync correctly with that one project that will not open.

You can try opening it in First, making some small changes to the project, then saving it, which should force it to sync again.

With cloud sync, it is critical to make sure that projects have finished syncing before exiting PT or Windows for that matter.

You should always have the PT Task Manager window open (Window -> Task Manager) to make sure there are no running processes before closing PT.

As for the slow downloads, sometimes I think it's just Avid's servers being slow, but sometimes just logging out of your Avid account from within PT, then logging in again will for whatever reason speed things up.
What would the fix be if it just doesn't get past the "Looking for new versions on cloud" pop up? I can't open anything I've saved on the cloud. Trash prefs?
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