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Default Re: C24 C|24 Studio LS and Cue outputs low volume level

it does not matter if Main-to-Cue is active or not. Whatever comes out from Cue-Outputs is 9dB lower as it was on the input side. (and 19dB lower for Studio-LS-outputs)
Do you still have the C24? Could you test it?

Just take a pair of Outputs from your 192 and go back into its inputs. Make signal generator 1kHz at -18dB or so. Depending on your interface calibration your input should be close to -18dB as well.
Now go into your C24 Cue-Input with that signal and turn the Cue-Volume all the way up. Take the C24 Cue-Outputs back into the same inputs at your 192 as before. What level do you have now?
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