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Default Re: Fader follow selection on S5 Avid MC Pro Pro?

From p46 in the User Manual:
Press the Wave and Chan Select keys simultaneously to assign a track to a strip. This technique is called Direct Assignment.
From there you can select "follow attentioned channel" (or something, I'm not behind my MC Pro at the moment, but I think it's on top of the channel-list which appears) , which would let you control the fader of your attentioned channel. There is also an option in MC Pros' prefs called "Attention most recently selected track", which needs to be switched on in order to make the link between a selected channel in your DAW and a attentioned channel (=fader) on the surface of your MC Pro.

Please keep in mind: there can be multiple channels selected, though there can only be one attentioned (=brought to the surface and the 8 rotaries). The selected channels are represented as white squarers on the Solo/Arm/Mute/Select-matrix on the MC Pros' touchscreen, and the attentioned channel is shown below the Solo/Arm/Mute/Select-buttons in a blue circle and a yellow number. the "Wave" key next to each fader is the key with which you can attention a channel. The ChannelSelect-key only selects the channel(s) in your DAW.
On my system I've got both options "Attention most recently selected track" and "Select most recently attentioned track" switched on in order to have a selected channel linked to the attentioned channel and vice-versa.

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