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Question Sound Quality Lost After Importing Files

Hey guys whats up. I'm having a problem i cant seem to fix. I just got a PT's set up about 2 months ago. Brand new IMac, M-box Mini with LE8. I wanted to import the songs that were already recorded into PT's for editing/mixing/mastering.

I had been recording on a Korg D1600II in 44.1 hz and 16 bit. I saved off all my tracks as WAV files onto CD...then created a new PTs session, 24 bit/44.1 hz. I then imported and converted the files of all 15 of my songs into individual PTs sessions.

Heres my issue, and im wondering if anyone else has encountered the same thing. After importing the songs, i expected it to have the same sound quality, if not slightly better, as what was originally recorded on the D1600. Sad enough to say, it sounds much less authentic, much more 'digital' if you will...even thou the 1600 is a digital recorder, it still sounded better on it than in PTs, lost some of its volume and its punch, just all around sounded worse.

So i figured ok, i'll EQ everything out...adjust some levels, im sure that'll fix it...still no luck. We just bought a new pair of Yamaha HS 50's...and had been listening to the PT's session in them, then would play the same song on the 1600, and still the 1600 sounded way better, so i even set it up so i could A/B the sound from the Korg 1600 with PTs...and even on the same speakers at roughly the same level, the PTs songs just sounded weaker.

Today we ran across an old mix of one of the songs done on the 1600 as just a rough mix, so decided to pop it into the CD player, and even the old mix of the song was better than the ones in PTs that ive been working on for hours and hours trying to get the 'life' back into the tracks, but to no avail.

Can anyone offer any help on this, why would a 5 year old Korg 1600II sound so much better with just a really raw, no EQ, no automation, and almost no effects sound better than a PTs one...and if your wondering if i over did it with EQ or effects or whatever, ive even tried it with out any, still the same result...kinda disappointed after dumping over $2,400 into this equipment....
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