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Default Performance tweaks.....

I just got an Mbox and although it has been very reliable, I am getting a couple less plug-ins that I did whith PT Free. So, first of all, is there any simple upgrades that I can make to my system to help that? And also, does anyone know how much horsepower I would need in a new Mac to get about a dozen RTAS plugins at the same time? Right now I am using an iMac 400 w/ 320 MB RAM and the stock internal drive.
The disk seems to be fine up to ten tracks (all I have put it through so far) But will I get anymore plugins by upping the ram or the drive? Or is that completly CPU related?

PT 6.4 on OS 10.3.5
iBook G3 700mhz 640 MB
120 gig Maxtor 7200 2 MB Firwire
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