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Default Device is configured with an unsupported buffer size

Hi all,

As an Ableton Live user, I've been waiting with anticipation for months for Pro Tools First to arrive.

However, already, 20 minutes to install multiple components (iLok, Cloud... etc.). The Avid splash screen advertised up to 16 tracks and 4 effects per track... Really? So, we're back in the 90's!

Anyway, trying to load Avid for the very first time and I get the above error message. What's the buffer size? Is it the latency? If yes, this is already set to 32 which, according to the message is supported.

I'm using the FIREBOX Audio Interface which is a firewire interface. I can change the latency through the interface control panel but as I said, it's already set to 32.

Any thoughts please shout!

Many thanks in advance
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