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Default avid scorch for Ipad in the UK itunes store?

I can't seem to locate Avid Scorch for Ipad on the UK iTunes store. I know it used to be there, I looked it up a few weeks ago, and it was there.

I bought it for my own iPad several months ago, but it seems that trying to locate it now, for my mum's new iPad is impossible.

Obviously there is no other way to view Sibelius files on the iPad, and this was one of the main reasons my mum bought a new iPad, so we're a little disappointed to see it's not available any more.

Can someone tell me why it's not available on the iTunes store for the UK any more?

This also makes me slightly worried as I've bought it myself, will I now lose access to my own one on my iPad? If I need to re-download it, will I be able to?

What else could we use to view sheet music on the iPad? We never buy scores to be fair, but mostly use our own creations. This just meant we could view them with minimum of fuss of converting, saving as "other files" etc.
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