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Default Error at startup: "Your audio device is configured with an unsupported buffer..."

I noticed that a multitude of users have encountered this message on PT 9 startup: "Your audio device is configured with an unsupported audio buffer size."

I just started receiving this message today running PT 9 with a 003 rack and spent a couple hours troubleshooting it. I managed to resolve the issue without resorting to the "Asio4all" software fix.

In my case I had to uninstall device drivers for the Blackmagic Intensity Pro video card that I had installed yesterday. For some reason, PT wanted to use that audio driver instead of the 003. After I uninstalled the Intensity drivers, PT started and I received the message that the asio device wasn't found and to select a new one where I was able to tell PT to look at the 003. Resolved.

So I suppose the conflict is other asio device drivers. Hope this helps.
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