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Default Swiched to Mac, now have missing plugins


Iím a former PC Pro Tools 7.3 user who just switched everything over to a Macbook Pro. On the PC I started out with 6.4, and eventually upgraded my way up to 7.3 before recently buying the Mac Ė and everything works ok except I have 3 plug-in related issues on my new MacÖ

1) Additionnal plug-ins that Iím installing arenít showing up in Pro Tools, such as Amplitube, Sampletank and the T-Racks EQ. The funny thing is that on the title screen with the progress bar & text saying what component is loading, during the ďloading plug-insĒ part, the names of those 3 plugins flash by along with the others, as if nothing should be wrong! But once in the program Iíve tried using both Audiosuite and inserts on all different types of tracks but they donít show up in the plug-in list at all for me to choose. Is there something I can do to fix this?

2) I need to find a way to get the EQ II and compressor, gate, dyn II etc. plugins (from 6.4) back into Pro Tools on the Mac like they were on the PC. When I upgraded to 7.3 on the PC I had to move them from the unused plug-ins folder back into the active plug-in folder to get them to work with 7.3 once I upgraded, but I have no idea how to get them to my Macbookís Pro Tools. I tried copying them manually from the PCís plug-in folder to the Macbookís but that didnít work, I donít think theyíre cross platform. Any ideas? I know theyíre older plug-ins but I have active sessions which use them and I really donít want to have to replace them with newer plug-ins and have to adjust the parameters all over again.

3) I have Reason 3.0 installed and on the PC it showed up on the plug-ins list in Pro Tools but it doesnít on the Mac. I think this may be because I installed Reason BEFORE Pro Tools so Iíll try uninstalling and reinstalling Reason to see if that helps, but Iím not sure if itíll work.

Any help on these would be appreciated, thank you!
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