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Default Powered USB hub issue

I'm chasing an issue with a high pitched noise I get when PT starts up with my mbox2. I've read the issue might be solved by using a powered usb hub instead uf the usb connections on my imac.

I bought a 4-port Kensington hub and connected the mbox2 to it and from there to the imac. Now Protools appears to open but will not play, neither will itunes. When I hook it back the way I had it, still get the noise, but all works fine.

When I go back and reconnect the Kensington, I get the following error message-
"PT cannot communicate with the mbox2. Please make sure the mbox2 is connected and not set to AC-3 mode. I checked prefferences and AC-3 is not checked and it says the mbox2 is connected. I've searched the issue but not finding anything."


"PT could not set sample rate to specified value"

Any ideas?
Mac OS High Sierra
Version 10.13.6
3.5 GHz Inte Core i5
8 GB
Protools First/Scarlett 2i4
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