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Default Avid MADI HD, Direct Out Tec Andiamo2.XT, Avid 8x8x8

For sale in excellent condition:

2x Avid MADI HD - €1.550 each SOLD
2x Direct Out Technologies Andiamo 2.XT SRC silver ver. - €1.550 each SOLD
Avid I/O 8x8x8- €1.250 *SOLD*

Combination of one Avid MADI and DO Tec Andiamo is good for 64ch MADI, 32ch Analog and 32ch (mono) AES/EBU input/output. And with Globcon software with full matrix ANY of inputs can go to ANY outputs, ie MADI in to Analog + AES out.
Also controllable and programable with Midi and OSC.
Andiamo also works as stand alone AD/DA converter with Sample Rate Conversion.
Would make even beter deal if buying bulk.
PM for more info/photo's.
Located in Netherlands, will ship WW.

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