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Default Resuming upgrades with perpetual licence

Hi all,

I'm trying to determine what product I should buy (hoping this is the correct place for that!) I've tried contacting Avid but I've heard nothing back and the live chat support never seems to be online (anyone know what the opening hours are meant to be?) I'm looking for clarification since I'm quite confused by the product/upgrade selection.

Anyway, hoping the community can help! I have a perpetual licence (I am up to Pro Tools 12.8.1) and I'm looking to resume a year of updates. I have recently started studying again and have been granted student eligability.

Is the product "Pro Tools, Education Pricing—1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan" what I am looking for to get a year of updates?

What happens after that year? Will I maintain whatever version is out by the end in perpetuity? Or will it revert to 12.8.1?

Many thanks to the Pro Tools community

Edit: my case number is 03804976 if that helps at all.

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