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Default Re: Eleven Rack Drivers?

Thanks for the reply Benoni, surprised you are still here!!! Unfortunately it wasn't that easy, there was nothing listed in the Add/Remove programs to do with the Eleven Rack drivers which necessitated the question in the first place, I should've explicitly stated that. Luckily my brother found a workaround, it was listed in the Device Manager and uninstalled the 2 drivers listed there - it must've worked because Bias FX2 standalone wasn't picking up any input signal - didn't check the Eleven Rack editor or Pro Tools, I probably should have - it's just easier with Bias. Then I went and installed 1.1.11 drivers and guess what happened the Eleven Rack drivers appeared in the Add/Remove programs joy of joys. The signal was back in Bias FX2 and working correctly.

Now, I am about to Uninstall this driver: Done
Now, to install the 2021 variant 64 bit and:

Avid Eleven Rack Driver 1.1.12 (x64)
Setup Wizard ended prematurely

So, obviously I am doing something wrong but I don't know what - any help would be greatly appreciated.

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