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Default Re: Rendered Freeze Files Not Deleted

Hmm I'm not sure this is a bug really. If you save a session with the frozen files, then unfreeze, save a new session....if you want to go back a stage and open up the previous session, the frozen files will be missing.

This used to drive me crackers with the rendered files for Elastic which were deleted and meant it was incredibly tedious if you wanted to back a stage or two, watching the computer having to re-render 250+ (sometimes more) files all over again. I haven't had this problem for a while now so I'm assuming the files aren't deleted anymore...which in my book is definitely a good thing!

Also, I'm all for efficient use of disk space, but I don't think deleting frozen files will free up that much space will it? (Compared to say, a video that's running in tandem with the track...)
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