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Default Re: VENUE as a Pro Tools mixing/control system

well, you could build a Split Console with a Venue and a HD 4.

the Venue is GREAT for Recording, perfectly for Live Recording, and would also be useful in the studio.
but beware, all racks make some noise, so you donīt want to place the Stage Rack near microphones...

for a Venue you need a HD2 for Recording; and the you can rout the outputs 1-2 of Pro Tools back to the venue for checking back and "listening to Pro Tools". what you cannot do is control PT; so you need to route every single PT Channel back on new Channels to the Venue, for what another 2 HD Cards are needed.
So you need:
- A Venue Desk
- 2 HDx Cards (one for Input; and one for Output)
- a Pro Tools HD 4 System.

(I have to admit that this setup was not my idea, it is Bodoīs idea, but I spent a lot of time thinking about it...)

only for studio work I would not recommend it.

hope this helped,Cheers, Andi
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