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Default Re: 8meg drive buffer=higher track count??

I recently had to switch my System drive with another drive that had previously been used for audio storage, and my system is as fast and quiet as ever. I notice no difference in performance.(I do get occasional errors, but I'm convinced they're not drive-related). So, you should be fine with your former Audio drive as your Sys drive for a while.
On the 8mb cache drives, I hear they're more efficient, but I honestly don't know whether they would improve track count. Someone else can explain better than me why they're more efficient in general though. (DaBasstard can if he sees this).
I would suggest getting an 8mb cache drive when you do buy .(can't hurt... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

There was a thread a few weeks back with some killer sales on Western Digital drives. I myself got a 60GB (with 8mb cache) for $60 after rebate, but some of the others were 120GB drives...very good buys.
I have a feeling they're still in that ball park price range. I'll post that thread if I find it...... -Roy
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