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Post Buy & Sell Forum Rules & Legal Information - UPDATED

Avid Audio Forums Buy & Sell Forum Rules
  • Items for sale are to be limited to the Buy & Sell Forum only.
  • Please use a single thread when listing multiple items.
  • This forum is provided solely for private individuals that are Avid customers, and limited to industry related items of interest to users of Avid audio products.
  • Avid can, at its discretion, request additional contact info to help identify users. Failure to provide sufficient info can result in an account being suspended.
No Commercial Posts or Advertising

Commercial posts and advertising of goods or services other than the sale of pre-owned products by individuals are not allowed, and will be removed.

In addition, users that are determined to be engaged in buying and selling hardware or software as an ongoing commercial venture may have their posts removed, and may be restricted from posting in the Buy & Sell Forum.

Please be Advised of the Following
  • Transactions on this user Buy & Sell forum are entered into at your own risk.
  • Avid has no involvement in the actual transaction between buyer and seller.
  • Avid does not have control over the quality or legality of items advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of sellers to actually sell items they list, or the ability of buyers to actually buy items, or any part whatsoever of the transaction process before, during, or after said transaction.
Additional Information Contacting Forum Members
Private messages, instant messaging options, and contact by email are available, but only if the user has enabled these options in their public profile.

If a member chooses to be contacted, they need to enable these options in their public profile.
Click on the User CP link at the upper left of the forums to go to your User Control Panel. (You must have an account registered on the forum, and you must be logged in).

Click on "Edit Options", and scroll down to "Messaging & Notification"

Email Messages
You can allow other members to send you email messages in this section:

Your Control Panel > Your Profile > Settings & Options > Edit Options
Receive Email from Other Members

Private Messaging
Your Control Panel > Your Profile > Settings & Options > Edit Options
Enable Private Messaging

Instant Message
If you wish to add instant messaging contact info in your own public profile:

Your Control Panel > Your Profile > Edit Your Details
Instant Messaging
You may enter your registered identity for instant messaging networks if you would like other visitors to be able to contact you using that medium.
  • ICQ Number
  • AIM Screen Name
  • MSN Messenger Handle
  • Yahoo! Messenger Handle
  • Skype Name
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