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Default Re: Update OSX 104.11 to 10.5.4 and PTHD 7.4 to 7.4.2

Well the migration went well except for one thing. For some reason when playing back video sessions with my Mojo,both in standard an firewire output, after pressing play I have to wait almost 4 seconds for playback to begin. I've successfully installed OSX 10.5.4 and PT 7.4.2cs4, waves 7 Diamond bundle TDM, Audio Suite and RTAS, GML eq TDM, TC Electronic VSS3, Non Lin and DVR and upgraded Melodyne editor successfully which are really all the essential plugs I need. All other pugs are stock Digi which were included in the PT upgrade. I've run though all the midi countoff options to make sure it is not midi related. No midi interfaces (MOTU express or Clockworks hard/software) have even been installed. I've run through all the preferences to make sure they are identical to my last configuration.
I'm thinking it is either QT, which wants to updated to 7.5.6 or 7.6.6 (can't remember as I am brain dead at this point) which was not upgraded and have not registered my QT Pro option, or the sync I/O wants updated firmware. Pre roll and post roll are of course disabled. Have I missed something along the way? System is running smooth no crashes at all today and non video sessions start immediately. Are there Mojo (standard not SDI) firmware updates available as that could be an issue as well. Any thoughts, ideas, fixes anyone can think off? I feel that I am 90% to where I want to be, but a 4 second wait time to begin play back in video sessions is unacceptable. Any suggestions would most appreciated.
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