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Default Help! No activation code with boxed pt8 upgrade this cant be right!!!

Although i just signed up to the forum today, i have been a frequent viewer and usually have no problems with ProTools what so ever and never felt the need to post... until now. I recently purchased a copy of the PT LE 8 upgraded (boxed version) from Guitar Center here in New york and there are NO NUMBERS ON THE ACTIVATION CARD!! while this looks like a mistake on digidesign's part, everytime i call digi they say go back to the store. and when i go back to the store then say call digidesign... recently i just called the store and the said the code is on the outside of the dvd cover (i tried that and that didnt work) i usually have no problem installing software and or upgrading when I purchase the lastest version of PT. i've been following the forums and i noticed a few other people have no activation numbers as well. so whomever from digi is reading this Please Help... i have my receipts from Guitar Center and i the software is already installed on my machine i just cant activate it which is kinda hard for me to accept (this cant be happeneing!) can someone please contact me????
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