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Default Re: Mega Plugin Listing

Hi I'm interested picking some of the licences in this list. Kindly do send me a quote for the requested list.
Pro Compressor
Pro Limiter
Pro Multiband Dynamics
Pro Subharmonic
GRM Tools Classic
GRM Tools Classic for RTAS
GRM Tools Classic for TDM
AE400 Active EQ HD v6
AE600 Active EQ HD v6
Analog Channel HD v6
Filterbank HD v6
Channel G HD v6
Channel G Compact HD v6
Futzbox HD v6
MC2000 HD v6
ML4000 HD v6
NF575 HD v6
Revolver Native v6
SA2 Dialog Processor Native v6
SPC2000 HD v6
Soundminer HD Mac
Soundminer Server
PurePitch v3
PurepPItch HD
Source-Live Pro 3.0
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