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Default MIDI track not reading pitch bend data?

I'm a total noobie to MIDI editing.

I recorded a synth bass Xpand and I am trying to editing the pitch bend data after the fact (in the "pitch bend" track view). However, when I draw what I'd like the pitch to do and play it back, it doesn't do it -- the note stays steady.. i.e., it doesn't seem to be reading the pitch bend data.

I have the track on "Read" so I don't think it's that... why isn't it swooping the bass note up to pitch like I'm drawing it? (I'm trying to double a bass part where the note slides up to pitch and can't do it smoothly in real time with the mod wheel).

EDIT: Figured it out -- the changes I made were too small and were imperceptible. I had to draw the full length (-8191 to 8191) to get only two semitone bend. Maybe I need to play two (start and finish) notes farther apart if I want more and use portamento?
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