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Default 96khz MTC Midi Sync Issues (to Logic Pro X)

Hey all, I have a really stupid problem and I hope someone can please help me out... Here we go..

Goal: Use PT as a master to control Logic (to use drummer in PT projects) at HIGHER SAMPLE RATES (96khz and up)

Setup: as per the numerous youtube videos, MTC in PT, session setup, then in Logic to receive external MTC

Results: at 48khz - ALL GOOD
at 96khz - SLOOOWWWW playback

So, for reasons i can't understand it just won't playback at normal speed at the higher sample rate. The first beat is normal but then it instantly slows down. I've tried all sorts of STMPE timecodes and even mixed and matched them, some random combinations sound closer than a matched 25FPS.

So if anyone knows why this doesn't work at 96khz I'd really love to know.

PS - if you just hit play in logic it plays back without issue
PPS - every youtube / walkthrough / etc has their sessions set to 48khz or less.
PPPS - if you record the drummer audio in PT it's slow too

Thanks all.

Duff Man
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