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Default Re: Can Any Real Experts in Routing Solve This?

Does anyone doing music setup their sessions with subgroups anymore?

Lead Vox
BG Vox

If you setup your session with each subgroup via an Aux Track for each food group you can process each how you like. Then take the combined total of each subgroup to feed a MASTER MIX bus.

Create a Master track for the MASTER MIX bus for your mastering 2 mix.
Send each of your subgroups to the MASTER MIX bus

Then, for any other versions of the mix, such as VOX only, INST only, PERC only

Send each of those subgroups respectively to another bus called VOX ONLY MIX, INST ONLY MIX, etc. You can combine as you see fit.

Create a Master track for each of those respective busses and put whatever processing you like. Can be similar as 2 Mix but you're not going to get the same "Mastering" results on the respective stems because the audio will be affected differently when separate rather than as a whole.

The idea here is that the SUM of all the individual subgroups will equal the 2 Mix when added together.

If you want to MONITOR your 2 Mix, simply create a new Aux Track. Assign the input to this Aux track to MASTER MIX, send the output of this Aux Track to your Monitor Path. Now you can put any metering plugs on this aux if you want to meter your 2 Mix. Call the Aux track MONITOR

This as all been explained throughout this thread in various ways.

When you want to bounce, choose all the BUSSES you want to bounce such as MASTER MIX, VOX ONLY MIX, INST ONLY and you'll get your desired result.
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