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Default Structure - what does "Monolithic" mean as it pertains to "part" files?

I am saving my parts with the Monolithic radio button checked. My assumption was that it saved the samples in some proprietary container so that the part always has its files, not just pointers to files in another directory. Is this what is supposed to happen? I note that a part file saved as monolithic can get sizable - and it seems to be related to the size of the samples. Am I understanding this right?
Ok, so why, when I load up the session and pull up a patch with four of my parts (all saved as monolithic), does structure report that it can't find the sample files??????? [btw, the original files were in fact moved to a different location] Aren't they embedded in the part file???? Am I missing something fundamental or is this a bug?
I have noticed quite a few bugs in Structure - a few that actually kill PT and require a reboot. Very cool software - I sure hope they release at least a bug fix revision.

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