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Default Noobie need help - Recording with Kore Player

Hello everyone and thanks for reading,

I'm new to recording and I need basic advises/helps/tips.
(Note: I'm really, really, new to all this)

First of all, before you guyz ask, I'm running:

Pro Tools LE 7.4.2
MAC OS X 10.5.6
External LaCie Firewire drive
Yamaha Stage Piano CP33
The Free Kore Player


- Piano (USB) is recognized in Kore Player. I can change sounds, effects, etc. Great.

- If I open PT, create a new instrumental track, add plugin, choose Instrument and load the Kore Player, it is working, I can play on the Piano and hear sounds.


- When I play a note on the piano, it looks like it is been sent to all tracks. The little "sound monitor" (Green bar) is going up on my instrumental track, but also on all others track. What and I missing ?

- When I record I can see Midi notes recording (like spot on piano bar) but I don't see the sound like some king of "Wave" format. Is it possible to record the Midi but also the sound in audio format like .wav (like the rest of my tracks?)

- I'm often geeting my mac freezing after 1-2 min of playing and a message appears saying that I should change my buffer size, and stuff like that. How can I make sure my PT settings are optimized when I record with Kore Player ?

So many questions, I'm sorry. Thanks in advance everyone for your help, it is really appreciated.

- JeanDit
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