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Default Re: PT Sound Sted of Mac Internal Sound?

No one has answered so I'll pass on what I found in case some one else gets stuck. There were not any files on the pro tools 5.0 cd that could make my 9600-300 play Digi sound internally. I had to go back to the PT 4.3 CD and in the folder called "system folder stuff" I found not "Sound Manager" but just plain "Sound." When I dropped this file into my 9600 system folder, I could then open up "Sound" as a control panel and there were two instances of Digisound and one of Mac Internal sound. I clicked on one of the Digisound icons, tested and no sound. Went back to "Sound" clicked on the other digi icon, tested, and the digisouind worked. I'm saying Digisound, but I mean internal sound for any other audio applications, like Jam, Wave Convert Pro, Sound edit 16, etc. They all work now with the "sound" control panel set to the middle icon which is the second of two digisound icons in the window. I don't know why I had to have this to get my "other" sounds to work but I did. Maybe this will halp others. Thanks!
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