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Default PT Sound Sted of Mac Internal Sound?

Of all the versions of PT I've installed, the only thing I ever really have trouble with on every install or reinstall is getting"Digidesign" sound to replace the "Internal Mac" sound in the powermac.
This is 5.0 and I've moved "Digi Output driver" and "Digi Sound Drivers" plus "Sound Manager" into the extensions folder. They are all checked or any combinationof them checked still leaves me with Internal Mac sound at 44.1 instead of "Digidesign" sound at 48k.
Monitors and Sound CP doesn't even look like there are any other choices. What's wrong. How can I get Digi sound out of the Mac internal circuits instead of Mac sound. I have 5.0 on a 9600 300 running 8.6 OS.
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