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Default Re: Bought used 002r

When you purchase a factory bundle the ilok is unregistered with the licenses already installed on the ilok. Once an ilok is registed to an account for more than 7 days it is then tied to that account and cannot be transferred. Single assets can be transferred to a new user for $25 each or ilok will cap at $100 for multiple transfers if you ok it with them via support.

The best way to transfer multiple ilok assets would be to get the seller to purchase a new ilok, transfer the assets to the new ilok and unregister the ilok before 7 days. This way you can add the ilok to your own account.

If you have just received a pre-registered ilok then your only going to be able to use the auths that exist on that ilok in their current state, you will not be able to access the contents of the ilok for updates, crossgrades, sales etc unless the seller has handed his account over to you, username, password etc.
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